After more than 15 years in the mortgage arena, Allison moved into both being an entrepreneur and a real estate broker. Real estate, she felt, needed some fundamental changes and people needed to smile again. They should be excited at the prospect of a new home and the ability to make new memories and share experiences to last a lifetime. Industry turmoil had removed these simple (but key) elements. She’s committed to bringing value back to the housing market and to focus on customer service, communication and integrity.

Oh and have some fun too. You’ll realize this quickly about her. Ask Allison what her favorite part of the business is, it’s taking clients on showings. To her, looking at houses is the “more funner” side of her work. Yes, that is the direct quote. Most of her clients start as strangers and turn into real friendships, reaching far past the transaction. And to her, that is what it’s all about.